While travelling to haridwar, i was struck for 3.25 hours near muzafarnagar village. It was a really tough time to stay in the car for 3 hours in bright sunshine. As a result I sweat from head to toe like anything. In the mid of June, sitting in as hot place as village muzafarnagar was really tough time to spent. after a lot of waiting in the long queues, I saw a police car overtaking and crossing the traffic. Whom should i wait for, i drove my car bend the jeep. The jeep took left or right to overtake the traffic. I was soon out of the traffic and on a free driving road with no traffic.

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Weather should be also detected in the question as if there is rainfall, then its a heavy jam and if there are summers or winters, then it would be a light ( easy moving ) jam !!!!¡!!¡!!!¡¡!!¡¡
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