He changed the world, laying the foundation for free democracies.
there are several notable events that should be covered in order to knowwhat Martin Luther did. Further down the page, we will cover events that will help us know who Martin Luther was.
1517: The 95 Theses
1518: Martin Luther Takes on Pope Leo X.
1519: The Amazing Karl von Miltitz.
1519: The Martin Luther – Johann Eck Debates.
1520: The Papal Bull Excommunicating Martin Luther.
1520: Address to the German Nobles.
1520: Martin Luther Burns the Papal Bull.
1521: The Diet of Worms.
1521: The Imperial Edict Against Martin Luther.
1521-22: Junker Georg.
1522: Martin Luther Puts a Stop to Violence.
1525: The Peasants War Martin Luther Encourages Mass Violence.
1525: Luther Marries Katharina von Bora.

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