We distinguish between note-taking and note-making. Note taking is a is a passive process which is done at lectures Whereas note-making is more active and focused activity where you assimilate all information and make sense of it for yourself.Note-taking
Taking notes is an important process. It allows you to have a written record of the lecture which may not be in your textbook. It also ensures that you become an active and involved listener and learner
A more important reason for taking notes is that there is a direct relationship between what happens in lectures and what comes up in the exam. If the lecturer does not personally set the exam, it is likely that he/she will still submit a number of questions.When thinking about note-taking it is important to consider the lecturing style adopted by different lecturers. Some will prefer dictating, others will provide printed notes.
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Note-taking is a passive process which we do while we deliver lectures. Note-making is a active process.
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