People don't exactly see it this way but we all depend on natural resources. In a way, it seems off to even consider that we might be independent from them. Therefore, I think that we can easily say that we are affected by them in every single part of our lives. 

Let's not leave it like this, let's give some examples of their influence on human lives: 
      a) Woods :: We can breathe because there are woods in the world which produce the oxygen we need so much. We could live without it and without those forests. We should nourish them but instead, we cut them down, every day. 
      b) Fossil Fuels :: Most of our world runs on fossil fuels. We can cook thanks to those, we can heat up our apartments, we can ride and fly in the sky thanks to those. Unless we find an alternative source of portable power, we are 100% dependent on what fuel we have. 
       c) Sunlight :: You might not notice that but we can live only because Sun shines high in the sky every day. Without the sun, we wouldn't have any crops or plants what so ever. We wouldn't be able to stay alive too long without sunlight. 

I hope that it will help you :) 
Natural resources does not affect people it is very helpfull but we misuse it then we all have to natural disasters like floods, cyclones, tsunami, acid rain and many other things. We all can take an example of chennai floods. The acid rain was caused by the smoke emissions of industries due excess of carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and other poisonous gases. The only thing if we all misuse the natural resources then we all have to face natural disasters.