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We can find the division among men and women, boy and girl, would be more good to say that the division is among the two sexes. It have been started from the very beginning of the human history. When the men and women started living  together, there arouse the need of more food, security and other basic needs. This made men to go for hunting and women to sit at home taking care of their young ones and cooking food. This change made changes in the health condition   of women. They started to stand behind the men and this finally made men to consider women as their slaves. From this very moment we can find the division among sex. Women too started to consider themselves as powerless ones. They began to be under marginalized group.

But now we can find a little relief from this situation. In western countries we can find men and women working together for their families. But in developing countries like india we can find still discrimination among humans. So we should try to find the differences between western countries and other countries like india. The finding will be the solution to the problem. We can find one and only a big difference between these two, that is "education". We can find that men and women who still believes in these matters are illiterate ones. So we can find the importance of education here. Education removes the blindness in us. Knowledge is light. It removes our worthless feelings. Educations makes our heart open wide and this will open our minds and thus we could make changes in our society.

  We are really late in this case. When our men and women works as the two wings of a bird, then only we can fly above everything. This can only bring welfare to our country

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I think that man & women should be treated equally .nowadays, we can see women doing work and supporting their husbands. in every fields thats agood thing. but i want togive message to the one's who feel that women should be kept closed inside four walls of room. it's my request to them that trust on ur girls if today u will give them wings tomorrow they will fly and help u when u are in need
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