Respected Parents,Teachers,Judges and my dear friends.
A Warm good morning to one and all.
As you all know,Money is something important in out daily lives.I am gonna talk A few words on the topic "Money in Today's world".Money is power and can do good and evil much. It gives sorrow and delight. It can do everything. It is must in our life. Money plays a vital role in our life. Nothing can be attained without money in this material world. It is necessary at every step in our life. We need money to buy food, clothes and medicine etc. We cannot build up our houses unless we have money. Education is also impossible without money. In a word, almost all earthly activities are related to money. The consequences of want of money in our life are very grave. A man is sure to starve to death unless he has money. Without it a meritorious student cannot attain education too. A dying patient cannot be treated without it. In spite of having all these importance, money has sometimes-bad influences over the owner of money. It creates a man greedy for power. The vanity of excess money creates beastly mind of a man.My impression about money in our life is very clean. I think that a person without money is a person to be pitied. Nobody pays any respect to him. His friends do not love him. He has to depend on the help of others. Nevertheless, it is also true that money does not always bring happiness.It is absolutely a mental matter.
Ok,That's all i have to Tell about it.
Thank you and have a wonderful day