Hey there!

Oh hi!

How have you been doing?

Fine!How about you?

Fine as well.

Oh I heard you are cutting the tree in your backyard which was planted by your grandpa years ago?

Yeah...It is being cut.Iam very sad about it.

yeah ! We learned about it!It affects out daily lives!

I was crying and begging for it not to be cut!

You'll be feeling less comfortable because of the reduction of oxygen in your surronding!

Well,i was having breathing problem at first but now i am on to it

Hey my mom is going ! i gotta go ! bye !see you tommorrow

Yep! bye!

I said the conversation should b for 3 minutes...
person 1 : hey hello. how are you ?

person 2 : i am fine but the trees are not fine and good enough.

person 1 : yeah, your true dear all the trees are in an bad condition today and even in the future also.

person 2 : we humans have been cutting down the trees for many of our own reasons.

person 1 : we use trees in our daily like any thing and even we are exploiting they too much.

person 2 : yeah we use trees for our needs like food, shelter and for making many instruments like violin, guitar etc.

person 2 : we should really take care of this things are work for the trees so that they are not cut down instead they can grow and save them so that the trees can reduce the pollution and help us.

person 1 : yeah we can do that. to motivate the people we should conduct rally's, many programs in which they can plant trees and know the importance of the trees.

person2 : okay.

hope so this conversation is useful.............^_^  !!!