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My favourate tv program is " TARAK MEHTA KA OLTA CHASMHA " as it is very intersting. And it also gives as many moral lessons. It shows our daily life. It is very funny. And it also refreshes our mind.
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First of all we will give introduction to the essay by writing that their are many t.v. programmes nowadays coming but my favourite is"Dynamo-the magician impossible " which comes on history channel .  he is very tricky person. by seeing him doing magic.i also feel like doing so. seeing him doing impossile things i get very much motivation to do my studies with such a interest . then, one of the magic which surprised me very much that was when he walked straight up on the building without any support.then, by writing certain lines more you can conclude by saying that this will remain my all time favourite.
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thanx Rio very very much:)
i hope it helped u:)
yes it did