I have a beautiful school bag. it is black and white. there are yellow lines in my bag.the shape of this bag is round shape.i am very excited about it. i bought it in 500 rupees. i love my school bag very much.i want to arrange all my books and pencils in my bag.i am very happy that i am going to use it tommorrow 
                                      my school bag

my school I have many things in my school bag such as my books, pencils and all other stuff like the pencil box. my school bag even has my water bottle in it which I use for drinking water. this school bag is really heavy for me to carry because their are many books in it. the school bag of mine is daily cleaned and settled my books in an good condition so that I can take the books that are important for me only not some thing else. my school bag really plays a vital role in my school. I have an blue and green colored bag. which full of color pencils and crayons that I use for my craft purpose and even lot of books are there in my school bag.

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