Ram: hi shyam how r u today?
shyam: hi ram em fine what about you?
ram: i m absolutely fine. today i saw a servant spitting on the road.
shyam: so what?
ram: oh come on shyam dont you know that keeping our environment clean should be the motto of every indian
shyam: ya. i thought..
ram: okay fine do u know about the clean india campaign?
shyam: yes ofcourse but i dont care about it.
ram:hey shyam dont you know what the people in foreign countries think of us?
shyam: yes i know that india is so attractive and all that
ram: no. they think that india is the most dirtiest country and spitting and littering is a crime in foreign countries. if you litter and spoil the environment you will have to pay a fine. there is no such system in india so people dont take it as a serious matter.
shyam: ohh! i didn't know that. i think i have understood and will always try to keep my surroundings clean and stop others from littering their area.
ram: yes thats the spirit and everyone else should also get it forever because if indian government takes a step of paying a fine then it would be tough and another way of despair for poverty.
shyam: ya sure . i understand. okay bye ram and thanks i learnt a lesson today.
ram: your most welcome. bye!