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Hope you are in the pink of your health. I am delightful to narrate you about my Diwali vocation. I was waiting for Diwali from about a week ago and finally it came. Me and my family cleaned the whole house 2 days before Diwali. We all got very tired that day but after it we were happy as we finished cleaning the house in one day. The next Evening, I got very excited to see the decoration of Diwali. It was "Dhanteras". We even had to buy some new utensils. The market was beautifully decorated than before. We then bought some utensils and then visited to see the whole market. The next evening, On "Chotti Diwali", we bought some crackers, Most of them were eco-friendly. We then burnt some of them with friends. The next day, i got up early and decorated the house with some hand made things made by me. It was looking very Beautiful. On the evening, after the "pooja" we ate the dinner and went upstairs to burn some crackers. That night was very beautiful but on the other hand, the sky was full of pollution.The whole night, there was lots of noise. That s' all, I have celebrated Diwali. Hope you have enjoyed it too. 

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