Tipu Sultan was born on 20 November 1750 (20th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1163AH) at Devanahalli, in present-dayBengaluru Rural district, about 33 km (21 mi) north of Bengaluru city. He was named "Tipu Sultan" after the saint Tipu Mastan Aulia of Arcot. Tipu was also called "Fath Ali" after his grandfatherFatah Muhammad. Tipu was born at Devanhalli, the son of Haidar Ali. Himself illiterate, Haidar was very particular in giving his eldest son a prince's education and a very early exposure to military and political affairs. From the age of 17 Tipu was given independent charge of important diplomatic and military missions. He was his father's right arm in the wars from which Haider emerged as the most powerful ruler of southern India.Tipu's father, Hyder Ali, was a military officer in service to the Kingdom of Mysore; he rapidly rose in power, and became the de facto ruler of Mysore in 1761. Hyder himself claimed descent from the Quraysh tribe ofArabs, the tribe of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

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