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Answer- Essay- Hobby
A hobby  is something which we do for pleasure in our free time. It is different from a profession. While a profession is followed to earn livelihood, a hobby is an activity or interest for leisure and earns us satisfaction. Different people have different hobbies. They include activities like: reading, writing, singing, dancing, painting, cooking, stamp collecting etc. We can develop some of these activities into hobbies. A hobby lifts our spirits high when we are dejected. 
My hobby is gardening and I have grown a lovely garden in my home. There are many beautiful flowers with sweet fragrance and different colours. Also, there are many herbal plants. I keep my garden spick and span. It's a source of happiness for me. 
My garden is very useful to me. It keeps me busy and saves me from useless gossips. I'm proud of my beautiful garden.
Hence, develop a hobby because, ''An idle mind is a devil's workshop.''
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