My school is a garden of friend and well wishers. My friendsare the best in the world. I am really very lucky to have them as my friend's. My well wishers are my teachers. Who always care about us. In each and every moment they guide us. If any one has taken any wrong step they guide us. It my fortune to be in such wonderful school.
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yes, my school is a garden of friends and well wishers because a school is a  place where it is surronded with friends and happieness and sometimes we feel that why today is a holiday if school is there i use to enjoy with my friends and we also like to go picnic with our friends and enjoy and spend our every second with them.And school is a garden of well wishers because of the teachers who guide us every moment and they teach us .They make us go in the right path and learn right things.We are really lucky that we are having such friends and teacher in our school
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