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Place: Date: From: XXX, Address: To: The Hindu news editor, Place: Reference: Sir/madam, I the under sign would like to bring a few lines to your kind consideration.I'm resident of XXX place.we are facing a problem that waste is being dumped into the river through our city.... If the waste is dumped in rivers. Domestic sewage contains a wide variety of dissolved and suspended impurities. It amounts to a very small fraction of the sewage by weight, but it is large by volume and contains impurities such as organic materials and plant nutrients that tend to rot. The main organic materials are food and vegetable wastes. Plant nutrients come from chemical soaps, washing powders, etc. Domestic sewage is also very likely to contain disease-causing microbes. The various substances that we use for keeping our houses clean add to water pollution because they contain harmful chemicals. Most detergents and washing powders contain phosphates which are used to soften the water, among other things. These and other chemicals contained in washing powders affect the health of all forms of life in the water. So,hence I request you to create awareness in the spreading this news.... Thanking you... From: