The cinema has been a very popular medium of entertainment for all classes of people. This is especially true in case of India where the Bollywood stars are held at a very high esteem by the common man. Every move they make is watched and every word they speak makes news. Our very lives today are being moulded , whether we want it or not, by what we see on the ‘silver screen’.The concept of cinema was developed by Thomas Alva Edison, the famous American scientist who invented cinematography. When a series of photographs of moving objects are thrown very rapidly on a screen, in the backdrop of light, they merge into each other and produce a moving picture.Hence, it is called a motion picture or a movie. The first real film was produced by French brothers, Luniers, in 1895. In India it was introduced, a little later. In the beginning, there were only silent pictures in black and white.Later colour, voice, sound, music, etc., were introduced in movie. Color photography, dubbing, computer graphics, etc., were developed over the years, making film a wonderful means of popular entertainment.Today, film production is a major industry employing thousands of people and requires a great deal of technical expertise in direction, stage-setting, editing, etc. Production of films, such as, ‘Jurassic Park’ ‘Titanic’, etc. are scientific feats which were almost impossible a decade ago.Today cinema has become the most popular and the cheapest means of entertainment. It provides great relaxation for the hard working labourers who have no other way of entertainment. For a few hours they escape into a different world altogether and forget their woes and worries.
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