there are many topics which you can use. but few of them are :
1. corruption going on every where.
2. right to get education.
3. social media.
4. maintaining peace.
5. the world that we all don't know.
6. exploitation of natural minerals by humans
7. global warming is warning you.
8. pollution done by us.

I am choosing the topic social media :
            good morning madams, sir and my dear friends and my dear excellences today  am here to deliver a speech on topic social media social media is really useful to us. the social media is a coin with two sides of the faces it is having a good and even a bad impact on the youth and the people and even the children. the social media is a powerful weapon to change the mind set of the people. the social media even make a person good and even bad by the publicity done by it. the social media can make up a person take a good path in his life and even tries to take him a bad path which makes him/ her a bad person with a bad character. social media can be used in many ways to gain knowledge and even give knowledge.
                             thank you, I thank all my teacher to give a nice chance and all my friends to encourage me
she asked descriptive of the topic no??
oh k sry I will do it now
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the topic is YOUTH OF INDIA ... Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening    no one knew India has the largest youth than any other country which means a huge power of ignition ... every young man could achieve something in his life but self exploration and  we people are not exploring ourselves and just pulling our life till the should mention nation's  greatest man ever Dr. APJ Abdul kalam who strived for the betterment of youth in India and tried to put them in right path.. must take him as an inspiration..We must unite to CHANGE to change ourselves, our society, our nation, our world ...We must CHANGE for A NEW WORLD and this change should come from me must be ur feeling because this world is too much fast to blame others..We see many people say we r youth but what u did for the country??? for the world being a human we must do something.. so let's change for a new world..

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surely if u say it effectively,, !! u will be rocking in u r schoool
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