Advantages and DisadvantagesNuclear energy has some good and bad qualities. One of its best qualities is that it gives off lots of energy from little amounts of uranium. One major disadvantage is that it makes variable amounts of radioactive waste. This waste is causing a big problem for the world for its storage and irradiating. Another advantage to this form of energy is that it doesn't give off greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are gases like carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and flyash, which have made the greenhouse affect or global warming. The problem with using this power though is that there is always a chance of a meltdown. A meltdown is when the uranium and nuclear waste are heated to such a level that they melt creating a substance that can supposedly melt through steel, concrete and iron. This is the reason a lot of people don't like nuclear energy but the chance of a meltdown is about a million to one. Nuclear energy is cheap too and it helps provide jobs to people. Perhaps the biggest advantage to nuclear energy is the discoveries they have made in nuclear medicine. Such as cancer therapy, CAT scan, MRI machines and the use of irradiation of food
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