My school such a great topic to write :-

my school name is St. alloysis sr. sec school. like every school my school also have a very decent uniform and i feel so happy and proud when i wear it. my school is very big and every facility is avaible in my school. there is 2 computer lab and 1 cs lab , 1 big library , 1 music room , 1 sports room and etc etc . i feel so happy when i went to school because school is the only way to get unlimited knowledge and first stage of life to learn and write.
''School life is best life'' We heard this line so many times and it's true that school life is best life because in school life we get our best buddies and friends the friends who change our life and without them life is nothing. In school we have so many friends but only some are best friends and others are temporary but they all are crazy and stupid in our vision. In every group of friend we have every type of variety some are good in study some are good in sports some are good in cultural activities and we all love them because they care about us.  

In school we get to know how to live life and first stage to get learn DISCIPLINE. 
A school is very genuine place like a temple where we go daily to learn and study to go ahead in our life. We pray to God daily in the school for our better lives and proper study. We say good morning to our class teacher daily and she responses with her smiling face. Our school has a big garden back to the school building.

School is the place where we learn everything with the help of our teachers. They help us in working hard for our study and make us tough to go ahead in our life. They tell us about cleanliness, hygiene and proper healthy diet.
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