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                        What is the one thing you can't do without?

             Is there really one thing that we could say for every single person in the world that they cannot do without? Of course, there's oxygen, water, sun. There's definitely our earth! Then again though, I don't think that this question expects answer such as those above, I believe that we should rather ask: 
     What is the thing that when absent, makes our lives unbearable?

Now this question, gives us a lot to talk about, because for this question, we might not be able to find one answer which would suffice to meet expectations of all people around the world. 

             What is it that I love about life? I think that everybody should ask themselves this question from time to time at the very least. You see, it's an extremely personal question and answer might be very different when you think of it. I would say: 

I love learning new things and becoming a better person with every bit of knowledge I gain. I love sharing that knowledge with people and I love when those whom I love are proud of me. I also love being loved.

It's far from the most common answer. People might say things like: love, career, traveling, meeting people, partying, food, helping other people, making a change, overcoming their limits, pushing their luck and thousands more. Let's make a short experiment: 

Think about such a thing yourself, think it now, now. Do you have it? Can you picture what makes your life beautiful? Can you see all the memories that this one thing made unforgettable? Good...

                     Now think what would happen if you lost it? 

             You've just found out exactly what's the thing you cannot do without. It may or may not be something that others think the same way about, but It's perfectly ok, because one of the most amazing facts about the world is that we are all different, but our dreams are equally important, so love whatever you want and be whatever you think is a great thing to be.


Hey there people! I hope that you enjoyed that, if so, please drop me a comment, hit the thanks button and rate my answer, it's always great to feel appreciated ;) 

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