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Q Write a short note on evolution of human resource management?   Answer:
Human resource management denotes the practice that handles the human
beings in an institute with reference to their know-how, talent, proficiency
and prospective. The notion of human resource management essentially progressed from the customary idea of trade union. Previously, under this approach of trade unions, a labour officer was selected who operated towards the well-being of the staff members. Further than that, with the development of system of industrial units, there was a requirement to employ an individual who could be assigned more duties as regards the enrolment of staff members, their choice and final
appointment. In this respect, the organizations selected ‘personnel
officers’. With additional progress, occupational setting confronted bigger
variations and difficulties. Therefore the role of personnel administrators was developed. They were supposed to consider the whole practice ranging from employment to the teaching of recruits.
 These days, owing to bigger development of undertakings and commerce, the responsibility of personnel managers has further expanded to activities like improvement of the general arrangement of the association, applying the laws of staff  
members besides their performances; in this manner, they have been substituted by human resource managers.