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A realistic evaluation on the numerous roles of religion and its
collaboration to the civilization.(ii) It makes use of a relative method.(iii) It
explores the sacred philosophies and rehearses  relative to other
features of the  social order. Diverse clusters of religion
instigated with the alteration and requirement of the civilization e.g. Hinduism,
Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, etc. Conviction or religion has specific
principles, standards, guidelines and protocols that are likely to be monitored by
its followers, which oversee and control their behavior. Religion
has had a very nearby association with influence and political affairs.
Many social engagements have been carried out on the source of
religion. Traditional sociologists supposed that as civilizations have rationalized,
the impact of religious conviction on the existences of individuals has lessened, which has shown the way to secularism. Numerous philosophers of sociology have offered their philosophies upon faith and their source. Not only is religion an isolated concern of a person but it also has a civic appeal, because it embraces durable connections with other associations such as political affairs, finances, tutoring, matrimonial affairs and relationship.