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Vijayawada, 6/12/15. Dear sister, I'm in pink and hope the same with studies and my health is good. The main intention of writing this letter is to tell u about my experience on my visit to Charminar in Hyderabad.I and my friends planned this trip as our exams got over.We went by train and journey was comfortable.Charminar is really a beautiful monument built in 1500 century by the mughul has 4 identical pillars beautifully constructed.It is located in old city n I was mesmerised seeing that giant monument.My 2 eyes were not enough to see such a beauty.There were many bangle shops near by Charminar.I n friends bought a dozen of bangles.Charminar is one of the monument which signifies Mughals in Hyderabad.We didn't go up of Charminar as they closed the entry as many people feel n lost their lives.We really had a lot of fun.Charminar is the centre of attraction of Hyderabad.This monument is to be visited by everyone atleast once in their lifetime. We came back safely after our journey. We were all on cloud nine after seeing the Charminar. Convey my regards to parents and my love to our brother.Do write about an experience visiting any tourist place.Missing u u so much...take care... Yours lovingly, Shruthi. To, Sister(name) Flat no. Colony, Hyderabad
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