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Child labour is an occupational term which conveys employment of kids to work; these kids are less than the age that has been delineated by the government. Not only are child laborers demoralized but are displayed to risky work circumstances and paid nothing for their lengthy hours of work. They fit in the disorganized work force. The government has placed down numerous guiding principles to eliminate and end the tradition of child labor. In accordance with these guidelines:

·       No kid less than 14 years of age shall be in employment to effort in any
risky occupation
·       Children are to be sheltered against mistreatment and moral and physical rejection.
·       The Government shall attempt to provide complimentary and obligatory education for all kids within a period of ten years from the beginning till the time they have accomplished the age of fourteen years.
·      On account of neediness underprivileged parents put their kids to work so as to supplement the family's monetary rank. This impulse obliges the parents to overlook that every single child has the right to relish his childhood. Currently there are more than 250million child labourers in our country.

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