Natural disasters are terrible happenings on earth which produce destruction to life and belongings. Such mischances initiate from biological progressions like
·      Progress of tectonic plates (huge segments of the earth's exterior that move. If someone lives in a part of the globe that takes a seat at the brink of a tectonic plate e.g. the San Andreas Fault in California, they may be able to feel one or two earthquakes.)
·      Outbreak of volcanic emission
·      Climate changeability
Various types of natural disasters are as follows:
i. Meteorological catastrophes e.g. storms
ii. Hydrological disasters e.g. flood, tidal wave (tsunami)
iii. Atmospheric disasters e.g. famines, wildfires
iv. Geographical disasters e.g. earthquakes, volcanoes
v. Health disasters e.g. epidemics vi. Space disasters e.g. impact of meteorites, gamma-ray bursts