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Road accidents are a worldwide misfortune with an ever increasing tendency. They signify a key community problem owing to the high number of fatalities involved and also the urgency of the penalties for the casualties and fatalities themselves as well as to their relatives. Accidents are commonly categorized as
1.    Solitary automobile accidents( those in which the means of transportation  either bumps into fixed objects / walkers or the automobile may fall in a trench ) 2.    More than a few automobile accidents (those in which two or more automobiles  either bump head–on/one vehicle may bump into the anterior vehicle at the back or may have a glancing blow type crash.)  

The rise in road accidents is diligently associated with the speedy growth of inhabitants, trade and industry development, industrial development and motorization faced by the country. It carries on to be a mounting alarm to all those who make use of the highways.
There are countless causes of accidents on the road. Shortage of practice and authorizing aged drivers are amongst the major reasons of ever-increasing frequency of accidents. These days, anybody can easily acquire a license. Essentially, individuals desirous of acquiring a license ought to have enough capability besides a know-how regarding the guidelines on the roads. Conversely, we do not have an enormous number of knowledgeable drivers. Those who are not fully formed not only tend to give harms to other individuals but they can also be the cause of mishaps on the road.