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The four problems are as follows:
i)               Unpredictable power supply
ii)             Export of good quality fiber produced by India, as a result of which native Indian industries have to import fiber; plus tough rivalry from artificial fibers
iii)             Usage of timeworn machinery in knitting and whirling despite the fact that state-of-the-art machinery is being used in various other countries across the globe
iv)             Small yield by the industries owing to the fact that the amount produced per worker is not much
Ø  It is the duty of the Indian government to arrange for nonstop power to industries
Ø  India should export stitched outfits/twirled cloth rather than fiber so that not only should it get to know indigenous demands but should be able to produce more foreign exchange
Ø  Machinery should be improved and old machinery should be replaced by modern machinery
Ø  Those ways and means should be sought that would serve to increase the proportion of productivity by each worker