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I belong to a varied class (Aves) of genera, as divergent as small zooming hummingbirds and eight feet nonflying ostriches; around nine thousand living species of my class are identified. By and large I am recognized to have developed from reptilian dinosaurs. I apportion numerous features with other categories of animals such as containing a skeletal backbone holding a spinal cord, a heart with four compartments and the fact that I am warm-blooded. My type, tint, age and effort in constructing a nest have been endowed to me by Mother Nature. I can very well stand the altering meteorological conditions. I am happy to be able to gaze the world from the sky; but there is one message that I want to convey to all the human beings across the globe: “please do not shoot me, nor put me inside the cage, because Nature has created me to fly freely around the world.’