The sentences containing verb are :
1. harry was singing a song.
2. louis wanted to play football instead of basketball.
3. James want to paint a fruit.
4. Zain like to ride the cycle.
5. bard want to eat an ice cream.
6.  I want to complete my home work.
7. I want to sing a song.
8. did you listen to the song ?
9. I hope you have played the game very well.
10. the group standing there will perform next.

the words which are in bold are the verbs. ^_^  !!!
Some examples are - 1) Anu was playing basketball.( Here WAS PLAYING is verb.) 2) Anu went to her house. ( here went is verb) 3) Anu is singing. ( here is singing is verb) 4) Anu sings. ( here sings is verb) 5) Anu is taking her breakfast. ( here is taking is verb)
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