What is waste management?How is it done? name the types of waste management: how do waste management can be implemented at home? what are all the measures taken by Indian Government so far? actually , the topic given is "WASTE MANAGEMENT", any other things(sub topics) can I include , kindly help me as I have no idea about this. I am extremely sorry that instead of "waste" I mention water management. once again sorry that I wasted your precious time, but definetly it wolud be useful for me for the very same topic.




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The changes in the environment are due to humans because their existence is directly dependent upon the environment.

The waste is the unwanted and rejected material which can be further categorized. Wastes are of three types solid, liquid and gaseous.

Solid wastes: It includes paper, plastic, glass, metal etc.

Liquid wastes: It includes sewage, ground water etc.

Gaseous wastes: The gases produced by the combustion and industrial processes.

Measures of waste management:
- Separate bins of blue and green colors should be used for disposing.
- Reduction in the use of products like plastic.
- Separation of the material which can be further reused or recycled.

How to reduce waste production:
- Use of recyclable materials.
- Using refills.
- Use rewashed materials.