13. Given below is the periodic table with elements represented by false symbols. From the table identify the following: a) Element with smallest atomic size. b) Any two alkaline earth metals. c) Element with atomic number 7. d) Noble gases e) Will T be more metalic than D? Why? f) Which has a larger size K and L? Why? g) Which is more reactive I or Q? i) Pick out the elements of the third period with valency 2.




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- B is the element having smallest size.
- Alkaline earth elements are group 2 so these are D, L and T.
- Element who has 7 atomic numbers is G.
- The noble gases are J and R. T is more metallic than D, because the metallic character increases down the group.
- K has large size than L.
- I is more reactive than Q.
- The elements with valency 2 are L and P.