Collect information about the parliament election held in india in 2014. Divide this collected information into three parts: 1) Important events that took place before the election; main agenda discussed by the political parties; information about peoples demand;role of election commission. 2) Important events on the day of election and counting; turnot in elections; reports of malpractice;re-polls:the type of predictions made; and the final outcome 3) Post elections-reasons offered by the political parties for winning or losing elections;analysis verdict by the media;selection of the PrimeMinister




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- The biggest election in the history of the world was 2014 elections in India to elect 16th Lok Sabha. 
- The elections were consisted of 930,000 polling stations. 
- There were 543 parliamentary constituencies. At that time, there were 814 million registered votes, including 168 million as first time voters. 
- The elections witnessed the highest voter turnout of 66.38%
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