Q1.Why are coal and petroleum called as fossil fuels? Why is it important to conserve them? Q2.Why is petroleum called as black gold? Q3.Expand PCRA. What tips does it provide to save petrol and diesel? Q4.State the uses of: a)Coke b)Coal tar c)Coal gas d)Bitumen e)CNG. Q5.What are the advantages of using CNG? ANSWER NEEDED EMERGENCY NIRAV DONOT GIVE ANSWER




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Petroleum, natural gas and coal are the sources for modern use. All these sources are known as fossil fuels. The name given to them because they are made up of decayed plants and animals. The petroleum is a fossil fuel, which is obtained after the large quantities of dead organisms are buried under the rock. It is also known as black gold because it is very expensive and useful.

The advantages of using CNG and LPG are:
- These can be burned directly.
- These can be transported easily through pipes.
- They give a lot of heat energy.