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We can take several step to save environment and a few are provided below;

•    We all live in an environment, which is being polluted day by day and we need to protect our children from the pollution and in order to save the environment, we should stop wastage.

•    Wastage whether it is paper, food, energy, clothing, computer hardware, shoes. All these items consume electricity while manufacturing and electricity production and consumption is directly or indirectly not only pollute environment but also consume important resources.

•    Wastage of water is what we can stop immediately. World is facing potable or drinking water shortage, its wastage is definitely going to limit our resources.

•    The greed for industrialization has caused havoc in the environment and there is great threat of global warming and we may not see some low-lying cities and countries in the next 20-30 years to come. Industries should use latest technologies an should minimize air and water pollution.

•    We must minimize the use of personal vehicle and should use public transport.

So, the above are some factors that are immediately required to save the environment.
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