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India is one of the most vulnerable and disaster prone country. A list of selected man-made disasters took place around the world is provided below;

     Bhopal Gas Tragedy: You might have heard about Bhopal gas leakage and it happed thirty years ago in the year 1984. It is estimated that over 5 lakh people were suffered from leakage of Methyl Isocyanate and other poisonous chemicals from Union Carbide Pesticide Plant, Bhopal. More than two thousand people lost their life within a week and since then more than eight thousands people died. Thousands of other people were injured.

•    Oleum gas Leak in New Delhi: In the year 1984, oleum gas leaked from the plant of Sriram Food & Fertilizer, New Delhi. One person died and several others injured.

•    Alaska Oil Leak: A major disaster took place in Alaska, when a spillage was occurred from an oil tanker and huge quantities of marine life were destroyed.

So, these are some of the disasters happened in the past and you can also look for more for completing your report.