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In India, still a large population is engaged in one or another agricultural activity. The population growth in country has posed a threat to survival and if right step are not taken now, it will create alarming situation in the coming years.

Agriculture has a lot of importance for food, as well as economy and some key economic indicators such as GDP, Export and Import data, tell the whole story. I have summarized below some of the key points that will be part of your essay.

(1)If we look at GDP; agricultural contribution as per 2010-11 data is 14%.

(2) Agriculture is still one of the biggest employers and more than 65% of our population works directly or indirectly in the agriculture sector, whereas in developed countries less than 10% people directly or indirectly are attached to the farm.

(3) Agriculture in our industry provide necessary raw material for multiple industries such as cotton, sugar, jute, etc.

(4) Direct and indirect export from agricultural sector is in the range of 60-70% of total export. The foreign exchange generated through export is used for importing crude oil and heavy machinery.

(5) The importance of food processing is continuously increasing, and we may set up many units in near future and such actions will help in managing the food items from wastage.