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Natural and man-made disasters

Disaster causes disruption in the normal functioning and it can be caused by both humans and nature. Examples of natural disasters include earthquake, drought, storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods etc.

Some examples of man-made disasters include explosion, nuclear bomb, chemical and biological weapon, war, attacks on building and in public places etc.

Precautions You need to have long list of precautions to minimize the aftermath of natural disasters. However, you can’t stop the natural disasters completely. In case of man-made disasters, if precautionary action is taken timely, you can avert the risk completely. Some of the precautions are given below; ·

* Topmost security of the highly targeted places and buildings

Plan evacuation routes in high official building including parliament, stadiums, govt. offices, etc.
Proper fire alarm and trained personnel to take care of any eventuality in case it happen.

Government Policies on Disaster

Central and state government has their own national disaster plans and being monitored by highly experienced and qualified people.