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If you want to become healthy and fit, you will need some time to devote on, and will also promise to yourself to change your lifestyle. The benefits of healthy and happy life are enormous, and you as a teen have to devote your time on your study, instead of going to doctors, and taking medicines for treating your disease, weight gain, cold, cough, etc.

Teens are very prone to seasonal diseases and if you are healthy and fit and your immune system is below average, you are likely to suffer these problems more often. To cope with such unwanted problems, you need to maintain your health in good and proper conditions, and here are few steps that will not only boost your inner strength and immune system, but will also make you fit for your study.

•    You should avoid junk food. Junk food contains lot of oil and fat and the fat increases your weight.  High weight causes many problems in teens.

•    You should take clean and washed fruits more often. Apple, Banana, Papaya etc., contains essential vitamins and nutrients, which are critical to our body.

•    You should also eat hygienic homemade food.

•     You should drink plenty of water a day. Water cleanses your system.

•    Taking proper sleep makes us fresh for work in the next day.

So, above are few essential steps, you should strictly follow to achieve healthy and fit body and mind.