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If you want to protect and conserve our environment, you will need to know first what we can do to achieve our aim.

•    People in need of their growing thirst for development and industrialization, have encroached and polluted the environment. We daily see many walks around the globe on global warming, climate change, etc. Countries including developing countries commit to reduce carbon dioxide emission but nothing concrete is considered on the ground. A massive rise in carbon dioxide level in the last several decades has raised earth temperature and if emission continued at the same pace, earth will not be place to live in. If we preserve our environment or try to even maintain the present condition, we shouldn’t expect much relief to man and mankind.

•     Are we managing our resources? I doubt and each one of us should try to conserve the natural resources. Excess use of water, electricity and even wastage of food, paper and many more are indirectly damaging our environment. Instead of coal based power plant, our country needs renewable energy such as solar or wind based electricity plant. In this way we will conserve our resources and also pollute less.