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Global warming is caused by many factors, and one of the major factors is the industrialization. Power is the primary requirement of Industries and in power plants; power is produced by burning coal and other fossil fuels. On burning, these fossil fuels emit oxides of nitrogen and carbon, which are behind the global warming. Water vapor, oxides of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and ozone together are known as green house gases. These gases don’t allow heat to escape from earth or in another word heat is trapped in the atmosphere causing global warming.

The primary cause of global warming is cutting down of trees and excessive emission of carbon dioxide from factories, vehicles, etc. Trees consume carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and emit oxygen, but with continuous deforestation, the carbon cycle has become unbalanced resulting in steep increase in carbon dioxide level. Until and unless, we don’t minimize the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, we are not going to see any change in the climatic conditions.