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Anne Frank: Anne started writing the diary at the age of 13. She is outspoken and want to become a writer. Before moving to Secret Annex, Anne was most popular in her school.

Margot Frank: Margot, 3 year older than Anne, is also a diary writer. She is more serious than Anne. In later part both Anne and Margot came closer during their hiding.

Otto Frank (Daddy):  Manager in a firm, Anne’s father Otto is quite generous and he arranged for their hiding places. Anne calls his father by a nickname “Pim”. He teaches Anne various subjects French, English and she loves reading and learning.

Edith Frank (Mummy): Anne has made a sketch of what a perfect mother should be and as per Anne, her mother does not fall in this category. She thinks her mother is cold and her relation with her mother is not as good as with her father. Her mother often takes the side of her sister Margot.

Peter Van Daan: Peter is 15 year old son of Van Daan family, who are also hiding in the Secret Annex with Frank family. Anne first avoided because she thought he was boring. She later started talking with him and both starting loving each other. Again later Anne frustrated with him.

Petronella Van Daan: Mother of Peter, Mrs. Petronella was jealous to Anne and was not happy with her relation with Peter. She didn’t like Anne for her outspoken nature. However, Anne noticed that Mrs Van Daan was easy to talk than her mother, as she was not cool.

Hans Van Daan: Mr Hans, Peter’s father is among the adults; who also criticizes Anne.

Albert Dussel: A dentist before hiding shares room with Anne. Initially she liked him, however later she came to know that he was narrow-minded. E also started criticizing Anne.