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Non-violence is one of unique way of opposing the ruling govt., which was suggested by Late Sh. Mahatma Gandhi. Non-violence was not new to us, our forefathers have learned it from Buddha, Chaitanya, and many others years ago.  Gandhi Ji practiced it throughout his life and it not only promoted peace in this part of the world but entire earth.

We have learned it from our ancestors that non-violence is more powerful that violence and today the preaching of Gandhi, Christ, and many others have become necessary for World Peace. Gandhiji always believed that the violence or force cannot sustain for long and ultimately will bow down before non-violence.

Today world is suffering from unrest and many small organizations are committing violence against humanity and mankind. People across the globe are sufferers. Few people are taking guns in their hand and are killing innocent people in public places. We have seen recent attacks in different part of Asia, Europe.  These people want their supremacy over others and in turn they are laying their own life. Even such people are being killed by Police or Armed forces.

In such a time, when innocent people in various countries are suffering; we indeed need non-violence. We don’t know whether such unrest will continue or stronger force will kill such handful of people. It is for the survival of humanity and mankind and to achieve peace throughout the globe, these terrorist drop their guns and become part of the global community.