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Save earth save life
mother earth is where we live . we must save it. earth is our first mother. if earth wasn't there we didnt had life. if we didn't have life we didnt have parents friends food etc etc so be thankful to god for making this earth but god does not need thanks what actually he needs is cleanliness on earth which could save so many lives and the the living things he created. if a place is dirty the poor people have to clean it in pressure of the rich ones. if there is no cleanliness the tourist would not be attracted to a certain place or country which is a significance of disguise towards the rest of the world. the indian government has launched a campaign known as Swachh bharat abhiyaan. you could give your full participation to clean earth this way. other reason of unsafe earth is crime. people who do bad to others by different negative means like kidnapping, rape, black money etc etc and give a very nasty vibe to the rest of the people living around the area and it clashes on the news lile a bullet train and then the people feel insecured. by bomb attacks and all the earth would soon be just a planet of ash and nothing.

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