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When a country attack on another country in unjust manner lot of destruction takes place lot of freedom fighters die , lot of people we all knew about bombs which  were dropped on Hiroshima &Nagasaki in which lot many  big buildings were destroyed .now, also these two cities are in bad condition
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If a country stage a war in a provocative way or unjust manner, then they have to face international scrutiny. First UN member nation will condemn the war . Then UN permanent members will embargoes the offender country. Then international council will take it to war theory which has 3 main points make up the theory: 1." jus ad bellum", for the causes of war .if reason for war is not justified then THE HAGUE court will interven it to its ruleing government/party/high council like royal family. 2."jus in bello", for conduct during war.after the war they will look if they followed Geneva convention of war like civilians are not targeted and captured enemy soldiers is treated well; and 3." jus post bellum", for the aftermath of war the offender has to pay damages they have done to that country if the reason for war is unjustifiable...
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