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That man was searching a woman and driving for 4 hours by knowing that he will find her soon. There were only three words on his lips that where is she? When he met her last time, he only saw her and the one thing he knows about her is she lives in Lancer Street. What was her name? He doesn’t know. He was driving rashly in order to find her as soon as possible. He also knows that she is very shy. Perhaps she will not meet him, but in his heart, he was hoping for the best. At last, he reached a street. The weather was too cold, so by sitting in his car, he asked the shopkeeper about her. The shopkeeper pointed out his finger towards her house which was quite an old building with no lights. He reached there and found a mysterious thing that girl has died 50 years back. By knowing this, he became so terrified. It was totally unbelievable!
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