Fill in the blanks with prepositions. 1.Many factors enter ___ the contract. 2.There is no exception ___ this rule. 3.I am faced ___ a serious problem. 4.She got ___ the shock in a short time. 5.The aeroplane flew ___ above the clouds. 6.He let ___ his friends. 7.He is devoid ___ common sense. 8.This police rounded ___ antisocial elements last night.




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1. Many factors enter within the contract. (Within)
2. There is no exception to this rule. (to)
3. I am faced with a serious problem. (With)
4. She got over the shock in a short time. (Over)
5. The aeroplane flew high above the clouds. (High)
6. He let in his friends. (In)
7. He is devoid of common sense. (Of)
8.This police rounded up antisocial elements last night. (Up)