Concave lens- Binoculars, telescope, eye glasses for near sightedness, projectors, pariscope Convex lens- Camera, magnifying glass, human eye, microscope,
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Concave lens examples :-

• used in myopia , far objects are not clear to those ,

• Video Projectors,laser , binoculars , flashlights , etc

Convex lens :-

magnifying glasses,human eye,camera, microscopes
telescope ,

• Convex lens converge light to a point , whereas concave lens diverge light , this is the principle on which they are used .

• where we have to converge light we use converging lens i.e. convex e.g. magnifying glass it is also called simple microscope

• Where we have to diverge light we use diverging lens i.e. concave lens , like video projectors they diverge light to a large screen placed in front of that
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