English is  the language which are rapidly spred over the world. look at the india ,india's national language is hindi but now a days india is 3rd lagest english speaking non eglish country in the world.In orur society we alredy seen what are craze about in eglish . so many english speaking class and so many peoples are join to learn spoken english. in those who not able to speak english people see him as infirior,if we see in private or gov. job interwies always giving first preference to english. 
                                                                     In our society enlish playt very imp role to know about our and other society. because through the english we all khnows all about the world communicate them, doing job their, read about their past{history} present & future,about her relations ect. In now days so many thighs or topics we searched throw the internet so their in internet many answers or solutions are in the enlish language.
                                                              so, we discuss how enlish play important role to intract person from one region to another region.throw the help of eglish we can read book of any writer in world and get ther knowledge. so enlish is the most imp. language in the english is the language to hepl intracting person from not only nation also from the global. so you can see  by the english socialy,educationaly & commucationaly etc helps us. 

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my advice is that if u want to right eassy in the short about 300 or 200 words then note my view -firrst u have to right about in 3 para. 1- INTRODUCTION-wright about introduction what u know about your topic  2-BODY-give your views over it as possible then gave example in it  3-CONCLUSION - in this wrote all abot the topic benifit and  how can he play imp. role i n our day to day life
or if u want to wright in 1000 words then u have to give proper introduction,body,socialy,economically,scientifically,environmently,and then gave proper coclusion or summary of theh topics as if posssible then u can gave more an dmore example in it about your topic