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The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens

The most vital feature of good citizenship, particularly in an unrestricted social order, is the ability to be legally responsible for control over oneself. A right is an independence that is sheltered, e.g. the right to open speech and religious conviction. On the other hand, a responsibility is a responsibility or something you ought to do, e.g. reprocessing your items or undertaking your homework as a student. Casting your vote is both a right as well as a responsibility.

Contrasting a single party rule, a representative government is present in India to work for the public; however citizens in republics such as India must also reach an agreement to put up with the guidelines and responsibilities by which they are ruled. Indian republic is matchless in that it awards much sovereignty to its citizens. As a result, social responsibility necessitates a display of involvement, courteousness, and even tolerance by its citizens. Autonomous citizens must be aware of the fact that social equality entails an investment of time and tough work. A government of the people, by the people, and for the people (cited as a meaning of democracy from the Gettysburg speech of Abraham Lincoln) insists endless watchfulness and maintenance by the general public.In certain autonomous governments, civic contribution means that it is necessary for the citizens to serve on panel of judges, or contribute compulsory soldierly or private citizen national service for a certain interval of time. Other responsibilities relate to all republics and is the solitary responsibility of the citizen -- foremost being respect for rules and regulations. Disbursing one's reasonable portion of levies, acknowledging the power of the voted government, and relating to the privileges of those with opposing points of opinion are also instances of citizen accountability.

Self-governing citizens recognize that they must tolerate the load of responsibility for their civilization if they want to take advantage from its safety of their privileges.   For social equality to flourish, citizens must be dynamic, not submissive, for they are familiar with the fact that the attainment or letdown of the leadership is their obligation, and not of anyone else. 
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