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Wellbeing is not merely the nonexistence of ailment or sickness. It is a composite mixture of an individual's bodily, intellectual, sensitive and communal health features. Wellbeing is intensely linked to contentment and life fulfillment. The factors that impact wellbeing are interconnected. Every single aspect of our life affects our condition of wellbeing; and some of these are:
⎫ Blissful close affiliation with a companion
⎫ System of intimate friends
⎫ Agreeable and rewarding livelihood
⎫ Sufficient wealth
⎫ Systematic workout to keep fit
⎫ Balanced diet comprising nourishing food
⎫ Enough sleep
⎫ Nonphysical  spiritual views
⎫ Entertaining pastimes and leisureliness
⎫ Healthy  self-image
⎫ Bright outlook
⎫ Genuine and realizable aims and objectives
⎫ Sense of determination
⎫ The capacity to adjust to alterations

That being said, it goes without saying that education has become one of the strongest pointers of life consequences e.g. service, salary and position in the society; it is also a resilient forecaster of outlooks and welfare. Moreover, there are three most important means that impact our bodily and intellectual wellbeing:

1). Conduct : What and how much we pick to place in our body, the amount of exercise that we perform, the worth of rest we acquire and numerous more aspects are conducts that influence and effect our health towards betterment or otherwise.

2). Temperament: Our personality does have an influence on your well-being and welfare because your temperament is a replication of your beliefs. Likewise our temperament regulates how we interrelate with the realm around us. 

3). Outlook: Our outlook imitates the amount or style of obligation we position into anything. Moreover, it is a worthy indication of our system of conviction around anything. Our outlook not only displays what we believe but it also manifests what values we are most motivated and stimulated by. Our outlook not only governs the selections we make but also the duration of time we tend to glue to them.Thus we conclude that our individual well-being essentially impacts the civilization in which we live.

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